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We are a family-run business on the Northern California coast. We believe that high-​quality craftsmanship is the result of several factors. First and foremost, an ​unwavering attention to detail is essential. Every piece we create receives careful ​attention to ensure that it is free of any imperfections and that every detail is perfect. ​We believe that this level of attention is what sets our work apart and allows us to offer ​truly exceptional products to our customers.

In addition to attention to detail, timeless skills are also necessary for achieving high-​quality craftsmanship. Our team of skilled artisans has years of experience working ​with the materials and techniques necessary to create beautiful, long-lasting products. ​Their knowledge and expertise allow us to create pieces that are not only beautiful but ​also built to last for generations.

Finally, we believe that artistic precision is essential for creating truly exceptional ​products. Our team of artisans takes great pride in their work and approaches each ​piece as a work of art. They carefully consider each element of the design to ensure ​that it is not only beautiful but also functional and well-suited to its intended purpose.


renovation, repair and design

as a premier commercial upholstery business here in HUMBOLDT COUNTY, we ​know that customers go to restaurants in search of great food and ​comfort. They want a place where they’ll enjoy a great meal in a ​beautiful, comfortable seating.

When working on your restaurant upholstery, our experts will work not ​only to provide the best quality materials, but find the schedule that best ​meets your restaurants needs

We take our job seriously and will go far and beyond to actualize your ​vision.

If you’re a people-oriented or customer-facing organization like a restaurant, church, or hotel, we know just ​how important it is to maintain a visually appealing and polished brand image.

That’s why we work side-by-side with our clients to bring their furniture back to top-quality.

T & m uPHOLSTERY is a full-service furniture restoration sHOP that specializes in repairs and upholstery.

Our 40+ years of experience allow us to provide high-quality service to all our commercial clients, working ​effectively and efficiently.

Expert Furniture Upholstery Services

Our team is skilled in all types of furniture upholstery, ranging ​from modern to antique pieces. We take pride in our commitment to ​providing high-quality work. If you're interested in learning more ​about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us today.


Boat & marine








Local restaurant recently re-upholstered by t & M

Other local renovations include The Greene Lily, Niveens, Kristinas and Peppers restaurants


What is the process of having something recovered?

  • First the client contacts for a quote. With modern furniture we can often often give a rough quote over the phone. To receive a more accurate ​estimate, email us some pictures, or bring the furniture by our shop.
  • Choose your fabrics from our samples in our shop
  • Once we have seen your furniture, by picture or in person, and you have chosen your fabric, then we can give you a price (you are under no obligation ​to make a decision right then. Many of our clients may take several days or longer to decide.
  • If you decide to go ahead, we will write up a work order, and we require your signature and a 1/2 deposit.
  • After you leave we'll order the fabric. When it arrives we put it on our shelf, where it stays until we do your job.
  • When we are ready for your furniture, we call you and make arrangements to get the furniture into our shop.
  • When the job is finished, we'll call you and make arrangements for you to get your furniture.
  • The balance of the job is due when the job is finished.

How long will take to have my furniture recovered?

  • Small Jobs:

If you have a small job, such as dining room chair seats, a small footstool, or other small job, we can sometimes work it in between the larger jobs. ​But our ability to work a small job in is affected by how many other jobs we are working on, what stage we are with the current job, how many other ​rush jobs we have in process.

  • Completion dates:

We don't work by dates, but on doing quality work on each job, by how long each job takes and what else is going on in our lives. Some jobs take ​longer than we thought. If the upholsterer get sick, then that also affects the schedule. If we give an estimated completion date, this is just to give ​you a rough idea of when the job will be finished. The dates are only approximations, and can change.

Why should I have my furniture recovered

People have their furniture recovered for a number of reasons, some of which are:

  • It’s a family heirloom and they want it restored.
  • The furniture is quality made, and the client wouldn’t be able to replace it with a new piece of equal quality.
  • The Clients really like their present furniture and just want it renewed.
  • The furniture is just the right size and can’t easily be replaced.
  • When you have your furniture recovered, you usually have a much wider selection of fabrics than what is available with new furniture.
  • The furniture is antique, valuable.
  • It is a piece that fits in its space and other pieces of furniture do not
  • Someone really likes the piece

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